Thursday, June 10, 2010

benefit concert!

Also, one more note of business:

If you are interested in learning more about the Young Adult Volunteer program and would enjoy an evening of organ and trumpet music, I will be performing a benefit concert on Saturday, June 26th, 2010. It will be at 7 p.m. at First United Presbyterian Church in Belleville, IL. It will be a relatively informal concert as I speak about my upcoming year of service in Belfast and play excerpts from my senior recital this previous May. Hope to see you there!

a message concerning financial business. :)

Well, I just received my donor report from May 2010.
And thanks to your wonderful generosity and the grace of God, I have raised 4,798.00 so far!!! This amount greatly surpasses my July 15th deadline of $2,500, and sets me very close to my next deadline which would be in February 2011!
Primarily, this amount signifies that I will definitely be heading to Belfast on August 31!

Where does this amount set me for my overall fundraising goal?
If you have gone to donate on the website to donate and clicked on my name, you might have noticed that under my position it lists the total amount to be about $50,000. (Original estimates I had heard stated the amount to be closer to $30,000, but with inflation and the current exchange rate, the amout was likely raised to accomodate for those costs.) This amount goes to cover my costs of living for the year - including my plane ticket, my monthly stipend for food and basic expenses, housing the YAVs, and more. While I am only responsible for $9,000 of that amount, it is (in economic terms) merely a price floor rather than a price ceiling. What amount I do not cover, the PC(USA) will subsidized, but with the current economy and budget shortfalls, it would be extremely helpful to the denomination for me to raise beyond that amount. Mainly what I ask of you though is to give as you feel moved to give. I am already so grateful for the wonderful outpouring of support, both financially but also spiritually through the personal notes and messages I have received!

Many, many, many thanks to you all who have given already. Your financial support shows that you believe in me and the work that I am about to do through the Young Adult Volunteer program! If you have not heard from me since you have donated, do not fear! It takes some time for donations to be processed and reported to me. Thank you for all sizes of donations!!

In grace and peace.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

East Belfast Mission

Greetings from the hot and humid Midwest!
I received word today on where I will be serving in Belfast! I will be working with East Belfast Mission, which is both a congregation and a social-outreach center of the Methodist Church in Ireland. (Check out their website at: I probably won't know exactly what I'll be doing until I get there, but the list of possibilities includes:
assisting with youth fellowship, teaching sunday school, assisting in worship, leading after-school groups/ pre-school programs, supervising football (yeahhh team johnny weir fierce*), working with senior citizens, leading dance classes, teaching/leading music, teaching in a school setting, and tutoring children.
I'm about halfway to raising my $2,500 fundraising milemarker which is due by July 15... If you have the inclination to donate, don't hesitate to visit here: and click on my name.
(I am responsible for $9,000 total.)
I hope everyone is having a great June! I am guest organist-ing at my home church for several Sundays this summer and having all sorts of adventures around St. Louis. For a full list of adventures, feel free to contact me. :)
Blessings and peace to you all.

* name of my w&m im soccer team for those of you who were confused.