Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Well, its VBS week at my home church, and I'm running VBS music! Our VBS is the program created by Synod of the Living Waters - !agua limpia para todos los ninos de dios! (Clean Water for All God's Children.) Since limited musical direction was provided, I got to pick and choose what songs I wanted to include, and oh, has it been fun. :) See the closing of this post for musical inspirations/reflections.

The main reason I am writing tonight though is to give you my fundraising report. I am very, very, very happy and grateful and even humbled by the generosity of so many people. My minimum fundraising responsibility was $9,000 to be raised by July 2011. As of July 15, 2010, I have raised at least $13, 358!!!!! Glory be to God! Gloria de dios! Sanna!

If you are reading this and are thinking "man, I was really hoping to donate and never got around to it." No worries! If you are still feeling a call to contribute, I will continue accepting donations throughout the next year. 100% of all money donated goes towards the YAV program!

To everyone who has donated, sent me best wishes, joined my facebook group, and especially you for taking the time to read my blog, thank you. This facebook post can't capture my sincere gratitude to you for helping to make this next year possible - both in financially supporting me and also praying and wishing me the best as I prepare for new, learning adventures.

If you have been watching the news lately, you have likely heard about the recent riots in Belfast. Today, the site coordinator for Belfast sent the 2010-2011 YAVs an email to becalm our fears, and I felt that I should pass along some of his explanations to you. Around mid-July, there are certain dates that the differing sides recognize as "holidays," and there is often rioting, parades, and various disturbances. This year's violence has been more serious, but it will likely die down shortly. And it was stressed that the YAVs currently in Belfast have witnessed the violence like us in America - as stories on the news. It is a reminder though of how much unrest and tension there remains in Belfast.

To conclude this post, I wished to share a hymn with you. I "discovered" it when I was planning this week's VBS music, and it's one of those under-the-wire gems present in our Presbyterian hymnal. It's #294, "Wherever I May Wander." The words are quite modern, but its set to a New England folk melody. Reformers ever reforming, but still sticking to our Calvinist roots. As I wander during this next year, may the words of this hymn provide comfort for you and me:

Wherever I may wander, Wherever I may be,
I'm certain of my Maker's love; God's care is over me.
God made the great high mountains, And made the wide blue sea;
God made the sky where airplanes fly; God made the world, and me.

Throughout the whole creation, I see God's loving care.
For everyone in every land, God's children everywhere.
Wherever I may wander, Wherever I may be,
I'm certain of my Maker's love; God's care is over me.

In grace and peace and thanksgiving!


  1. miriam, you are fantastic. :)

    and it is very true - we only heard about the riots in ardoyne on the news - though i did have a spectacular view of the july 12th bonfire in our estate from my flat's balcony.

  2. Miriam...I would like to say that when Cliff and I watched you this past Sunday, we saw the will be amazing in EVERYTHING God calls you to do...Blessings to you...your faith shines from within...and thank you for allowing us to be witness to it!!!