Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hello, Belfast: Relatively Coherent Highlights of the Day

- The door to our flat is actually red, not yellow as Google maps represented.

- C.S. Lewis grew up in East Belfast, in the same neighborhood where we are living.

- The murals in Belfast are more intense than I expected. Wowsa.

- I made our first dinner in Belfast: frozen pizza.

- Ovens are in Centigrade. Cooked the pizza at 200 degrees Celsius. The flat was not burned down, and the pizza was delicious.

- The Northern Ireland site coordinator and his wife are absolutely amazing and supportive.

- Guided by the Norn Iron site coordinator, we visited Stormont (housing NI parliament) this afternoon.

- We will spend all week getting oriented to our sites, the city, and some of the basic history of the Troubles.

- I have now been up for about 28 hours straight. (There was only brief napping on the uncomfortable plane.)

- There was just someone outside my window playing a rendition of “Danny Boy” on harmonica.

- I walked around the neighborhood tonight with another flatmate; we are in a nice little section of East Belfast! (Lots of little shops/ restaurants/ and such around.)

- In peace and grace.

Norn Iron YAVS 2010-2011

With Doug Baker in front of our flat!

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