Sunday, August 29, 2010

Written 09 August 2010: Traveling Thoughts

800 miles of driving = excellent time for thinking! Especially during the final stretch into Virginia with the sun setting behind the Blue Ridge mountains and Mumford & Sons playing on my ipod.

This is it – only three weeks left into the U.S. before a year of living differently. Differently in many different ways – adapting to a different language, food culture, living culture (yay public transportation). Overall, I will be living a smaller life – moderation in food, seeking to create less waste, and also living in tighter quarters in a city location (not suburban America).

I am so excited to live smaller – be able to walk/ take public transportation to run errands, buy items at UK thrift stores, etc.

But, the packing debate goes on - will I be able to consolidate my stuff to one suitcase or will I be taking two!?!? (Striving to live simply in Northern Ireland is difficult as the main way to survive the cold/ damp weather is with plenty of warm, waterproof layers. This is not conducive to packing simply.)

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