Saturday, September 25, 2010

More pictures!

Pictures from the hike up Slieve Donard. My apologies that they are not in chronological order.

Picture 1: After 2.5 hours of stair master level 5 climbing.
At the top of Slieve Donard! On a clear day, the view is supposed to be amazing. We could see about 20 feet in front of us... And the picture does not quite capture the extreme cold, wetness, and harsh wind that were quite present at the top. :)
Picture 2: About 1 hour 45 minutes into the hike.
Before the final ascent to the summit, we took a break at the Mourne wall. (This wall runs throughout the Mournes - 7 peaks in all.) This is the view over the wall.
The wall would prove to be a good friend as I climbed - both serving as a wind breaker and as a hand rail through some of the steep, rocky stretches. Better picture of the wall below.

Picture 3: About 1 hour into the hike. Gorgeous scenery surrounds us.

Picture 4: 1 hour 45 minutes into the hike. Good perspective of the Mourne Wall. Taking a snack break before the last stretch. Note that you can't see to the top of the mountain courtesy of the clouds. Brrrrr.

Picture 5: Luckily the members of Dundonald Methodist Church (who we climbed with) came prepared and were ready to lend us hefty waterproof gear. We would need it!

Picture 6: About 1 hour 30 minutes in. Clouds moving across the Mournes.

Picture 7: About 1 hour 30 minutes into the hike. Looking back over the Irish Sea. Traversing across the rocky ground.

Picture 8 : About 2 hours and 45 minutes into the hike... We are descending the mountain now. The rocks were surprisingly not too slippery but still treacherous nonetheless. Note the limited visibility.

Picture 9: Sup sheep. Happy cows come from California. Happy sheep come from Northern Ireland?

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