Thursday, September 16, 2010

So the Pope is in Scotland...

This week has been quite good; my schedule is starting to come together. There is a long list of activities that I will be participating in during my time here - from Sunday morning activities to Friendship Circle to helping with a mums and tots group to helping with a Scripture Union group at a local school, the list goes on and on. Stay tuned for a full list in a later post. (Oooo, cliffhanger!) Relationship-building is hard work, but hopefully in a few weeks, I will have gotten past the introductory conversations with people and begin to get to know them and East Belfast a little better.
Some updates on my life in Belfast:
- I like my tea with milk and sugar, preferably the milk put in the teacup before the tea is pored.
- It can be subsequently sunny and downpouring in Belfast. (Please note, there are supposedly 15 different words that Belfastians use to describe the many different types of rain. I feel like I have experienced 11 different types so far.)
- They show a lot of American tv shows (Friends, Gilmore Girls, NCIS to name a few) here. They show the same tv episode at random times during the day, and they play the whole series straight through. Don't worry, I know that am here to serve, not watch tv. :)
- Every YAV house has different "cooking" practices. Our house has chosen for the most part to cook independently, at least until our schedules are sorted out. So far, it's been quite successful. I was worried since we have such a tiny fridge, but somehow everything seems to fit. And surprisingly as well, I have really enjoyed cooking for myself! Breakfast is usually a bowl of cereal, and I kindly get a hot meal for lunch provided by the social economy cafe run by EBM. That leaves dinner, which I have had fun shopping for. We have made weekly runs to Tesco (the giant supermarket) which is on my way to work, but I have also had fun patronizing the small vegetable/fruit shop and butcher which are located just around the corner. (Plus there is a small convenient store one block down for any last minute needs.)
- I finally received the local library's postcard which I can now take in to get my library card! Hooray!

In peace and grace.

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