Monday, September 27, 2010

YAV thoughts

I am a registered temporary migrant worker in the United Kingdom. During my summer last year in Scotland and also so far during my time here, I have often reflected on how complicated national identities are - British/Scottish/English/ Welsh/ Northern Irish/Irish. These labels serve to unite some while excluding others. The idea of being American is just as intangible - when it comes down to it, except for Native Americans (and if you take into account the Land Bridge Theory, they were once immigrants many, many years ago), our ancestors were all people coming to America to seek a better life (well most, maybe not Colbert's ancestor).
This is all relevant to today's age as U.S. immigration policies are explored, challenged, and hopefully remedied. Here are just two thoughts that I have come across during the past few days that I really wanted to share:

First, Steven Colbert's thoughts:

Second, Stevie (a YAV in Tucson, AZ) posted a very enlightening post this past Saturday. The best part of the YAV program is that we learn, then share, and through sharing help others learn. A year of service for a lifetime of change. Hope you enjoy:

In peace and in grace.

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