Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

No turnips were carved, and we didn't have too many trick or treaters stop by. (Trick or treaters here receive either candy or... a quid!) However, the holiday was commemorated by both illegal fireworks set off around the city and legal fireworks which were set off from a barge on the River Lagan.
Courtesy of Daylights Savings Time (which happens for N.I. a week earlier than in the States), it is now getting dark around 5 p.m. It's bizarre.
So around 5, a small group of us headed down to the Titanic Quarter to catch the end of the family celebrations going on and see the fireworks display which began at 5:45. [Yes, it was dark that early.] After a short walk, we were rewarded with an excellent 20 minute bombardment of colors and booms. Plus, it was good fun to see all of the various costumes. (Side note: Doug said that N.I. does not really do Halloween. We beg to differ. Halloween was originally a Celtic tradition. America ultimately commercialized it, and not all of the traditions have crossed back over the Atlantic. But, N.I. did still put on quite a show for Halloween!)
It was a balmy 10 degrees Celsius, which is actually warmer than most St. Louis Halloweens that I remember as a child...
The Norn Iron YAV contingent is off to Donegal tomorrow for a retreat. Upon my return on Thursday, I will hopefully have some in-depth reflections to share in blog form.
Hope your Halloween was safe and not too spooky!
In grace and peace.

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  1. Last Halloween I was in Derry and it was amazing!
    NI can definitely put on a good show for Halloween : )

    I'm glad it was warm for you!

    ~Mel Sparrow