Monday, October 4, 2010

My diary

Diary = calendar

So this is what you have been waiting for, right? Drum roll please. Here is my basic weekly schedule/list of responsibilities as it stands now:

- alternating weeks, morning meetings with YAVs + Doug
- Healthy Food for All food delivery program to Hosford House (shelter run by EBM) and ex-residents of Hosford House living independently around East Belfast

- EBM staff prayers
- Healthy Food for All organization/paperwork (confirming the amount of meals to be delivered that afternoon)
- Dance Nation! (hip hop dance lessons for ages 8-18)

- Kids GAP (Kids, Guardians, and Parents = aka Mums and Tots)
- Friendship Circle
- evening bible study

- Scripture Union

- Friday Fusion (p1-p6)

day off!

- morning worship
- alternating Sundays, informal fellowship group with form 1 - form 3 youth
- evening worship

The beginning of the week is rather packed while it mellows out towards the end. The free time currently allows me to connect with various members of the congregation and also employees of EBM, which has been most excellent. :)
The schedule may continue to fluctuate as the year continues. I'll keep you posted.
In grace and peace.

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