Saturday, March 12, 2011

America: two short case studies

A lot has been happening in the world this past week.
From the earthquake and tsunami hitting Japan to the continued political repression in Libya to Charlie Sheen's meltdown, the media has had no shortage of headlines.
Two interesting bits of news though that I really wanted to share are news stories pertaining to the U.S.

First, it's a recent youtube video discussing the current "financial crisis" in the states. In my humble opinion, the news anchor does a brilliant job in putting into perspective the hypocrisy of some current government officials. [Why do you give campaign speeches against big government, but then enforce big government policies once in office???]
Here is the clip for you to watch and reflect on yourself:

Second, there was an article in the New York times this past week that caught my attention. It raises the question - who are we (Americans) choosing to lead our country?
It's particularly relevant to me now having spent time in Northern Ireland and hearing the stories of families who lost loved ones to the IRA and also stories from former members of the IRA.
The best quote from the article:
"If you say that terrorist violence is acceptable in one setting because you happen to agree with the cause, then you lose the authority to condemn it in another setting."
To put my indignation in context, here is a Colbert clip back from 2009 about 'how do we define terrorism.'

Even if no one is listening, we must cry out against foolishness, greed, and hypocrisy in this world, and the best place to start is in one's own country. For if we do not speak out, then we have silenced ourselves.
In this time of Lent, we reflect on what God has done, is doing, and will do and just what that means for our daily lives. We lift up in prayer all the people of this world who suffer under repressive governments, the people in this world affected by natural disasters, and all the government leaders in this world that they might have wisdom, love, and generosity in their hearts to think about more than just the next election.
In grace and peace.

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