Friday, March 4, 2011

Photo highlights from the year so far

I recently collected some pictures from my year in Belfast so far. Enjoy:

Pic 1: The friendship circle and the trusted mini bus

Pic 2: on baby duty at mum's and tots

Pic 3: Friday Fusion! It's team games night - I am organizing the balloon animal table. (Animals from giraffes to dinosaurs to butterflies were constructed!)

Pic 4: Another Friday Fusion tonight!

Pic 5: The general chaos of Friday Fusion during announcement time

pic 6: EBM women's group on a cross-community retreat to Corrymeela

pic 7: one of my new friends at EBM

pic 8: Christmas hamper packing: instruction time.

pic 9: I was helping sort the 300+ filled hampers by distributing organization. Whew.

pic 10: our EBM team who worked for hours in that attic space

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